Where do we go with all of this? It seems each time I turn around, a new horror is happening. As someone who believes there are no accidents, that everything happens for a reason, I am convinced the Universe has had enough craziness from all of us. It is screaming, WAKE UP PEOPLE! 

World Peace is not about the world all agreeing. It is about doing more to accept our differences and working for equality in all its forms. Equality is not like a pie that, once divvied up, leaves but crumbs for the rest. Equality isn’t a finite substance. We can all share in it without denying others.

As a white woman who doesn’t see herself as a racist, I recognize that isn’t enough. I have lived and enjoyed white privilege, and this has been a wake-up call for me.  I need to learn and listen and donate. I need to create ways to stand as an anti-racist. I need to make room on the floor for Black leaders and coaches to teach us how life is for them and what we can do to help. We need to do what we can to foster a political environment that breeds equality and genuine respect.

The current global alarm is calling our past and present sins to task. The collective voices we hear are shedding a glaring light on the inequalities in our communities. White privilege is real, despite any failure to see it before. Police brutality is real, despite the many decent and dedicated police officers out there. Our political system is more than broken; it is in shambles. That we don’t wish to acknowledge it doesn’t make it not so! Blacks are being killed, even if your “people” have also. That there is other pain out there, doesn’t mean we can’t give this cause attention, and now.

People are dying from Covid, whether you choose to believe it or not. Everyone has righteous positions around Covid, about what we should do, shouldn’t do, have a right to do or not to do. Why can’t we respect what makes those around us comfortable? If you don’t want to wear a mask for yourself, why can’t you respect others who believe, when in their presence, you should? Let’s not decide for others what is safe. Let’s not make their beliefs wrong. I will do my best to honor your needs and wishes whenever I can. We are connected.  

These questions beg answers: What can we do? What must we do?

I woke up the other day to the Tuesday Black out on Instagram. It hit home hard and underscored how responsible I am a coach and leader for my media stream. That duty eclipses the motivational pieces and attractive memes I post. 

I am listening and reading and ready to do more. I know that for me to serve others, I first have to clean my own house. I have to love myself before I can love you. I have to stop judging myself before I can stop judging you. I have to start trusting myself before I can trust you. I have to heal myself before I can help heal you. I must do these things. We must all do these things. It will free us to merge our healthier selves and stand in unity for a better world.

This is the time. The lessons from the universe will not stop until we get this done. We must clean our inner world and give up making everything about ourselves. My friend and fellow coach Nancy Levin is fond of saying, “Life is not and/or, and needs to be and/both.” 

Please people, let’s get this right! Not making things better invites more chaos.

I am here and I am on it. I want to be the change and I want you to be the change with me!

“We do the best we can until we know better.  And when we know better, we do better.”  (Maya Angelou)

We know better.

In light and love,