What Are the Core Concepts of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching?


Inside of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching, we are everything.  We each contain within us all qualities, all emotions, all information and all possibilities of the whole of creation. We are also a microcosm of the macrocosm. What happens or how we operate in any area of our life shows what happens or how we operate in every area.

Every incident, event or experience in our lives holds the seed of some valuable and important life lesson or wisdom.  We view life as a teacher and trust that even the painful, traumatic and upsetting experiences – when examined, processed and emotionally digested – can deliver to us exactly what we need in order to be most fully expressed and of the greatest contribution in the world.

Emotional Education:

The process of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching is one of emotional education. We learn to identify the full range of emotions within us, to understand how they developed and adopted the beliefs, judgments, ways of being and commitments that now control our lives.

Emotional education is about becoming aware of our feelings, allowing them to be there, and listening to information and wisdom they hold for us. It means using our emotions to educate us, since under each emotion is usually vital information just waiting to be unconcealed.

Ultimately, emotional education means taking responsibility as adults for the things that have happened in the past — the decisions we made, the choices that we made, the commitments that we made, mostly as children.


One of the most important limitations we break through in the Breakthrough Shadow Coaching process is our story.  Each of us as human beings has a story about our life and ourselves that either empowers us or disempowers us, which opens us up to new possibilities or shuts us down.

At its highest, our story exists to protect us, to teach us, to help us grow, and to help us function and make sense inside of our minds and our human ego structure of the life we’re living. But often we make the mistake of allowing it to define us, limit us and dictate the course of our life.

A Heart -Based Process

The process of transformation is a process of the heart not the head. In our work “knowing” is the booby prize because  what you know hasn’t gotten you where you want to go because your head can’t take you where your heart longs to go. 

When we listen to our minds, our egos are in charge.  We often get caught in the surface patterns of thoughts, excuses, denials and expectations.

We use our breath to move easily and effortlessly from our head into our heart. When we are in our hearts we have an experience of the work and that is one of the aspects that makes Breakthrough Shadow Coaching unique — it is an experiential process.

As part of this heart-based process, we believe that the answers are within, that we have all the answers they need and we need only access our inner wisdom to come up with the answers we need from inside ourselves.

The Ultimate Aim

The ultimate aim of Breakthrough Shadow Coaching – everything we do — is to make peace with ourselves and love ourselves more fully.


“Upon a casual meeting, Nancy’s keen ability to sense that I was holding within in a great deal of unhappiness and confusion lead to our work together. While I was not sure what to expect, the journey we embarked upon would prove to be a life changing experience. Our coaching sessions over the weeks helped me find clarity and her guidance through this process gave me an understanding of not just WHAT I was feeling, but more importantly WHY I was feeling. Through her guidance and encouragement I was able to finally understand where my true joy resides and to develop a plan where I feel I am living in harmony with my goals. I truly could not have done this on my own. While as a business professional I am skilled at solving problems and developing strategy, I admittedly was helpless when it came to doing so at a personal level. Nancy’s process and loving (and often demanding) guidance was what it took for me to connect with my true passions. Today I am on a path where if feel confident in my direction and bullish on what the future holds for me, my family and my career. I owe this all to Nancy’s guidance and her genuine desire to help others find their way. She has given me a precious gift. I highly recommend Nancy and her personal coaching process for anyone searching for a more joyous path through this life.” – Kevin Haslebacher, CA based CEO and Business Consultant

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