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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching
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Imagine being able to have more energy, stamina and the ability to lose the weight you’ve been holding onto. Or being able to make progress without facing constant setbacks and obstacles. As a holistic lifestyle coach, I’ve helped hundreds of people who have the drive and motivation, get past obstacles and make real change.

Your body is an expression of every choice you have made since your earliest days.

What that means is that some of the roadblocks you face today are based on choices you’ve been making for decades. The good news is that I can help you identify some of the more disempowering choices, while teaching you how to create exciting lifestyle modifications.

Using the Chek Nutrition and Lifestyle system developed by internationally renowned performance expert, Paul Chek we can assess the different kinds of stressors affecting your body. By examining the relationship between the various stressors on both mind and body, we develop a program that allows you to meet your personal goals.

With over 25 years-experience as a personal trainer, gym owner, holistic health coach and certified Master Integrative Coach, I bring a rich tool box to help you on your holistic health journey. I’m also someone who truly believes in walking my walk. I’ve completed multiple marathons, sprint triathlons and century bike rides. I also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 61. I know what it takes to get past your comfort zone and accomplish great things.

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Create Your Bigger, Better, Braver™ Life!

Lose Weight

Lose Weight

Even if you’ve struggled with weight loss in the past, we’ll design a program that will help you shed pounds and feel empowered and energized.

Discover Holistic Health Options

Discover Holistic Health Options

By providing science-based information with the tools to heal your mind and body, learn how every aspect of your life is connected so you can release stress and make better choices.

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

More than a simple nutrition plan, holistic lifestyle coaching is about releasing toxic emotions and finding balance. You’ll be able to look at each and every choice and understand how to break through both physical and emotional roadblocks for a healthier lifestyle.
Nancy squats on her yoga mat and smiles with her thumb up
Holistic Health Coaching can help you look at the various aspects of your life and identify where you have the opportunity to create greater alignment with how you want to live.

Coaching begins either in-person or over Zoom (internet conference) to understand some of your goals and needs. During that consultation we create an action-focused plan that combines both Integrative and Holistic Lifestyle coaching to help you maximize your results.

Most coaching programs last up to 12 weeks and can be done from the convenience of your own home. I’ll help you get beyond past disappointments, find success and hold you accountable to moving forward. By setting realistic goals and providing education about choices and what healthy living is about, you’ll discover how to not only meet your goals – but challenge yourself in new unexpected ways.

Discover how holistic lifestyle coaching can help you!

“Working with Nancy was life changing. I had tried many diets and exercise regimes and yet I always disappointed myself and, in the end, was heavier and more discouraged than before I started. Nancy helped me uncover beliefs I held since childhood that were hidden in my subconscious that kept me sabotaging myself.  I uncovered those and also unconscious commitments I had that were keeping me from succeeding. It was shocking what I didn’t know about myself! I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep the extra weight off! Thank you, Nancy for teaching me how to love myself.”

Melanie Schwartz // Hoboken, New Jersey

Begin with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment followed by a review of the findings. We’ll also create a written plan that you can implement on your own. Included are an initial coaching call to get you started and a 4 week check-in to identify challenges and progress.
Nutrition Assessment
Written Plan
Initial Coaching Session
4 Week Check-In
The 12 Week plan. Like the Basics, this package begins with a Nutrition and Lifestyle Package, followed by a review and goal setting phone call. We then combine integrative coaching techniques to help you identify limiting beliefs and obstacles that can help you move more quickly toward your goal. With accountability and support, this program is designed to truly combine the mind-body approach to healthy living.
Basics Plan + Lifestyle
Change Past Habits
Greater Accountability
Adopt a Mind-Body Approach
Everything that is included in the Lifestyle Package, plus a 6-month maintenance program that includes monthly coaching calls and email support throughout the 6 months. You’ll also, receive a monthly check-in worksheet that you can submit to identify new challenges or celebrate victories.
Basics + Lifestyle + I’m All IN
6 Month Additional Maintenance
Monthly Coaching Calls
Monthly Check-Ins
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