Individual Life Coaching to Help You Set Boundaries that Stick!

Bust Limiting Beliefs

Gain Confidence

Step Beyond Fear


In this coaching program I serve people pleasing women who see themselves as over-givers and don’t know how to say “no”. 
Most women struggle to know what they want for themselves because they have spent a lifetime putting others first.

Do you:

  • Have trouble putting yourself first?
  • Have trouble knowing what you truly want?
  • Feel it’s selfish to take care of your own needs above others?

My clients are longing to feel heard and valued.  They want to be seen and know that they matter!  Feel familiar?

Are you ready to live life on your terms?

Can you imagine:

  • Never saying yes when you mean no!
  • Conquering codependency and owing your power
  • Setting healthy limits in all areas of your life
  • Making yourself a priority

Setting boundaries really does set you free.

Most clients fear speaking their truth and imagine worst case scenarios but with my guidance they conquer those fears and quickly realize how easy it is to set healthy boundaries.

In turn, it brings them more joy, more excitement and more self-love.

Are you ready to ready to feel this way too?


“I came to Nancy to gain a deeper understanding of what was holding me back from making changes and improvements in my life. I was feeling stuck and wasn’t sure how to make the shift I desired. Working with Nancy was eye opening and transformative. I learned the importance of setting boundaries around the things I wanted for my life – both big and small. I have always been a people pleaser and tend to put others’ needs before my own. She helped me understand that this mindset was causing me to step over my boundaries. She helped me see that identifying and putting my needs in the forefront of my mind was exactly what I needed to move forward. I now have greater confidence in my ability to effectively speak up and to stop feeling unheard. I have made progress and now have the tools to set boundaries and honor my goals and desires.

Thanks to Nancy’s boundary coaching I feel empowered in marriage, friendships, family, and professional relationships. I have been speaking up and having very positive results. To coin her phrase, I feel like a boundary badass!

Nancy is a gifted and deeply compassionate coach who supported me during the entire process, but she also held me accountable for my choices and actions and was an awesome accountability partner. She was exactly what I needed and I’m grateful for the work we did together. Learning what I will and will not tolerate from myself and others has made an undeniable change in my life and I’m excited to continue the good work.”

Amber G.

Nancy Pickard stands confidently with thumbs in front pockets while wearing a white short sleeved blouse

I’ll be honest, I love working with cape- wearing, people pleasing, overgivers who struggle to set boundaries. Maybe it’s because I’ve been there myself, but the fact that you’re so committed to making others happy is good news.
It means you already have dedication and persistence that you’ll need to learn how to give voice to your own needs!

After experiencing my own transformation, I know that every person has the ability
to become a boundary badass who can confidently share and prioritize what she needs – I can’t wait to be your guide.

Everything you want begins on the other side of your first boundary!

Even if you’ve struggled to set boundaries and ask for what you want, Boundary Coaching will help you gain the confidence to go after your dreams.

Say no with grace and gratitude.
Feel confident about your choices (even simple ones).
Develop meaningful relationships where you’re loved and accepted for who you are. Express your preferences and for once… eating at a restaurant of YOUR choice. Shut down work at a reasonable hour.
Like yourself and feel worthy of what you want.

As a married women for 26 years, my husband wanted out and with him took the emotional floor beneath my feet.  The mother of two sons and the grandmother of four, I am now  a recovered people pleaser. I was always putting my needs last and then being frustrated that my family never really saw me as a person with my own needs.  Note to self: Others see us as we see ourselves! Become a Boundary Badass with a coach who has experienced the power of this work personally. If I can do it, so can you!

Can boundaries really be the solution for your people-pleasing, over-giving ways?

Until now, you’ve struggled to live the life you want because putting others ahead of you is your way of life. And to be honest, you’re really not sure if you’re ready to rock the boat!

I understand how scary it can be to lean into your desires (especially when you’ve learned that it’s bad to have your own wants and needs), which is why Boundary Coaching helps you build the confidence and develop boundaries step-by-step.

You’ll never feel overwhelmed or alone – work through a boundary pyramid with the guidance of an experienced coach. Honor your personal truth with a proven strategy that’s helped thousands around the world!

Become a Boundary Badass in 3 Easy Steps

Step One: Schedule a Session

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Step Two:

Build Your Boundary Toolbox:

Coach with me and in 12 weeks, you’ll build a boundary toolbox through weekly coaching sessions, readings, exercises and skills that will help you prioritize yourself – inch-by-inch.

Step Three:

Live Limitless Freedom:

Instead of waiting for your turn, discover how much boundaries will show up for you in every area of your life – personal, relationships, career and more!

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“When you work with Nancy, commit to shaking things up and creating change in your life. No more excuses that allow you to stand in your own way. Nancy is fierce, loving and relentless – in support of the life you want to live. She’s funny and a compassionate companion for the journey.”

– Gail Larson

Founder, Real Speaking and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant