Bigger, Better, Braver™

Deeply Supportive

Bigger Results

True Self-Esteem

It’s Time to Live
A Bigger, Better and Braver Life!

Maybe you’ve felt it or have heard the subtle whisper . . . “if only I had the confidence, life would be so different.”

You could finally find push beyond your demons, the fears and nagging sense of unworthiness to be the person you know you can be!

When you deny your natural right to live a bigger, better and braver life, you automatically relinquish your true power and remain stuck. You succumb to your fears, your addictions and your unhealthy past patterns.

You feel frustrated and wonder what will it take?

The truth is, we each have within us a divine confidence that can never be stripped away.

One that doesn’t come from outside you . . . instead, it’s a part of your DNA. You need only claim it.

Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching supports your effort to reclaim your inner strength. To fight for yourself and stand up for who you want to be.

You have the right to live your best life; let me help you rediscover you.

Create Your Bigger, Better, Braver™ Life!

Deeply Supportive

Deeply Supportive

Discover how fully supported you are! Build greater trust and faith that you can achieve your goals even if you can’t always see the road ahead!

Bigger Results

Bigger Results

Bigger, Better, Braver (BBB) Coaching is an advanced program to help you achieve bigger results. If you’re ready to take that final leap and experience the confidence to go after it, BBB Coaching is for you!

True Self-Esteem

True Self-Esteem

At the core of Bigger, Better, Braver (BBB) Coaching is True Self-Esteem. Rather than hide behind addictions, bad patterns or repetitive behaviors, BBB Coaching helps unearth self-esteem that’s waiting to be realized.

“Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching increased my self-worth, independence and helped me heal what I thought were my weaknesses. I finally have the clarity to truly care for myself instead of using my past patterns as a crutch. With her humor and no b.s. approach-with-a-whole-lotta-love approach, Nancy helped me feel safe and accepted! This coaching program will help you tap into your own natural courage no matter who you are.”

– Simone Powers

Nancy jumps in celebration of a her achievement

Discover the Confidence to Be the Bravest You

Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching will transform your life in ways you thought unachievable. In 10 confidential sessions, you’ll learn what it means to own your divine courage and take meaningful action.

Instead of sitting on the sidelines, wrapped up in your fears, your addictions, your limits, learn how you can bravely:

  • Push past those last hurdles of limitation and grab hold of your dreams
  • Take decisive and clear action – in each area of your life
  • Reconnect to the courage and confidence that are innately yours
  • Embrace the belief that the juice is in the journey and not only in the outcome
  • Trust that the Universe deeply and strongly supports you with each new step
  • Be Bigger, Better, Braver – because you know with absolute certainty that is truly the person you are!

And because I walk my walk and honor my own divine courage, I’ll hold you and guide you each step of the way, so you can become the confident person you are!

All sessions conveniently take place over the phone or Skype (without video) so you can receive coaching wherever you are. Begin today by scheduling a discovery session.

“When it comes to owning my courage, I learned that you truly do have it inside of yourself. Nancy showed me that I could step out and be truly be seen and accepted for who I am. I even enrolled in swing dancing classes and learned to connect with people in new ways. Instead of letting life pass me by, I realized I have the ability to step beyond my fear and embrace my own worth. Nancy made me what was truly possible.”

– Julie Ann Winfield

How Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching Can Help You

Be Bolder & Braver

Be Bolder & Braver

You’ve done the work but you still can’t get “there.” You hate regrets and know Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching is the key to move you forward into this last frontier.

Break Addictions

Break Addictions

Whether you’re addicted to shopping, food, toxic relationships, substances or limiting patterns, Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching can give you what you need to break free and live better.

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

Bigger, Better, Braver (BBB) is a divine gift that already exists within you. It’s yours when you are ready to reunite with it. BBB Coaching can help you awaken to your confidence and direct your every move!


How does coaching work?
BBB Coaching takes place each week for 10 weeks. During a 60-75 minute call, you’ll receive insights, tools and action steps to guide you to recognize your own true courage!

Weekly Coaching will help you integrate the tools and take action steps between sessions.

What is the time commitment for Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching each week?
The time spent on personal development is up to you. Each week you will participate in a 60-75 minute coaching call and dedicate additional time to reading and action steps.

How much time to devote to work outside coaching calls is entirely up to you, but clients who have dedicated time to reading, taking steps and integrating the material have seen bigger growth and accomplished more.

BBB Coaching is a commitment to yourself and I encourage you to take the time to make the changes you desire!

Do I have to participate in other coaching programs before Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching?
No. Although BBB Coaching is an advanced coaching model, many of my clients have started with BBB Coaching to help them make the changes they desire.

If you feel that BBB Coaching is a fit for where you are in your life, begin by scheduling a complimentary discovery call. 

This one-hour call allows you to experience coaching with me to determine if BBB Coaching fits your needs.

Do I need to be Spiritual to participate in Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching?
BBB Coaching requires that you have a belief in the power of something larger than yourself. It requires trust that the Universe will guide you and support your personal journey.

During BBB Coaching we will explore how to connect more deeply with your spiritual guidance system to build greater courage go after the things you want out of life.

Do I have to participate in all 10 Weeks of Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching?
Unlike Breakthrough Shadow Coaching or Empowered Parent Coaching, which you can do as a single session, BBB Coaching requires you sign up and complete all 10 sessions.
Is Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching for Me?
BBB Coaching is perfect for you if you’re ready to dig deep and break the persistent patterns that hold you back from the things you want.

Often BBB Clients have success in various aspects of their life but feel they’re falling short of or unable to achieve the greatness they know awaits them.

BBB Coaching is also perfect for anyone who struggles with addiction – whether overworking, food, alcohol or other addiction. BBB Coaching can help stop the cycle of numbing to allow you to reclaim your life.

It’s also great for individuals ready to take a big leap in life or work and need the confidence to step into (and trust) the unknown. 

If you’re ready to envision a bigger, better, braver version of yourself, join me for an initial discovery session to see if Bigger, Better, Braver Coaching is for you!