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Living My Own  Life Vision

For so long, I thought I was living my own’s life vision. I was raised to be a wife and mother – with maybe a side career to go along with it. A natural caretaker, I readily stepped into that role and I was good at it. Whatever passion or purpose was important to my husband, it immediately became mine. I loved our life and I loved my role in keeping it all together.

So, when it all came crumbling to pieces, I told myself that he ruined my life.

I thought if he no longer wanted me, then I no longer wanted me. I was stuck in grief and blame – he broke our family picture. He broke me. I couldn’t see anything good in my life and I certainly couldn’t see my role in any of it.

All I knew is that I wanted my life fixed. So, I dove into another relationship again, where my role was to keep it all going. I felt whole and life was fun again. But, the problem was that no matter how hard I tried to keep the pieces of the picture together, it didn’t work.

At the end of that relationship, I knew I had to take a deeper look at what was happening. Coaching finally opened my eyes to see the role I played in my life circumstances. With greater emotional awareness and understanding, I discovered that I had been following a life blueprint that was not my own.

Always looking at other people’s lives, comparing and never feeling whole without a man at my side, I discovered that I never even considered what it was that I wanted. Little by little, that changed. I like the woman I am now – ready to play big and make choices for me, I no longer need to live a life based on what anyone else thinks.

You can too – and it begins when you understand the beliefs that keep you in whatever life situation you are in now. 

Create Your Bigger, Better Braver™ Life!

Discovery Call

Discovery Call

Learn if coaching is a fit for you. During a free one-hour discovery session, I will listen to goals and desires and see how coaching can help you overcome hurdles and create a new vision for your life.

Uncover Your Personal Vision

Uncover Your Personal Vision

Optimally designed to be completed in 10 weeks, Breakthrough Shadow Coaching will help you break through some of the beliefs and patterns that keep you from living your life vision.

Live Happier

Live Happier

It seems simple, but when you have the courage and confidence to live your personal blueprint, you can live a happier more fulfilled life. No longer feeling the urgency to compare or judge yourself, you are free to be guided by what you want.

Reach Your Goals and Cherish the Moments.

I believe that there is no goal you can’t reach. When you learn how to move past the thoughts and beliefs that sabotage or hold you back, it becomes easier to reach whatever goal you choose. I can help you transform your life by guiding you to uncover all the things that are keeping you from being successful.

I bring a take-no-prisoner attitude to helping you through the hurdles, while compassionately remaining your biggest cheerleader throughout the process. I promise never to judge, cherish your victories and truly bust through whatever is holding you back.

I personally know what it’s like to step into a bigger life and create a personal vision for your life – and can show you how to do it for yourself.

No matter your age or life circumstances, discover what is possible for you today!

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“When you work with Nancy, commit to shaking things up and creating change in your life. No more excuses that allow you to stand in your own way. Nancy is fierce, loving and relentless – in support of the life you want to live. She’s funny and a compassionate companion for the journey.”

– Gail Larson

Founder, Real Speaking and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

Coaching Was a Natural Evolution

Splitting my time between Colorado, California and the East Coast, I am a certified Master Integrative Life Coach and Holistic Health Lifestyle Coach. Prior to my work as a coach I was the owner and founder of a personal training gym for sixteen years – so, I know what it takes to help people achieve big goals.

I am a melanoma cancer survivor and have served on the Board of the Susan G. Komen foundation in Aspen. My path toward coach was a natural evolution – I have a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education. I hold multiple personal training certifications and have been focused on health and wellness since 2001. I am also a senior mentor and head of mentor training at the Ford Institute.

I live my life by example, in the last several years, I’ve traveled by myself in Thailand alone and keep exploring new things. In 2017, I took on my biggest challenge by climbing Kilimanjaro at the age of 61. Coaching others to step out of fear and step into bigger versions of myself is my passion.

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Choose Your Path to Live Your Personal Blueprint

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To discover which coaching model can help you achieve your goals, schedule a complimentary discovery session.