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Bigger, Better, Braver



Bigger Better Braver is the recipient of four awards!!


⭐ 2020 1st Place Winner in the MIND & SPIRIT Book Awards
⭐ 2021 Best New Non-Fiction Book from International Book Awards
⭐ 2021 Finalist in the Self Help Category from International Book Awards
⭐ 2020 Silver INDIES Winner


“Does your life need some basic repairs? Perhaps a complete tear- down and rebuild? Nancy provides a toolkit and simple do-able blueprints to help you get the job done! Be Bigger, Better and Braver everyday!”

Thomas Crum, author of The Magic of Conflict, Journey to Center and Three Deep Breaths


It takes courage TO
you were meant to live.

In Bigger, Better, Braver, master integrative life coach Nancy Pickard challenges us with these life-altering questions:

•Is there something you’d love to do but haven’t found the courage?
•Do you want to give yourself over to the fullest possible experience of living?
•Do you want to take a leap toward a bigger, better, braver life?

Bigger Better Braver is a proven, step-by-step guide for uncovering and putting into action the vision we each have in our hearts to live the life we are meant to lead. Provided with clarity and enhanced with inspirational client and personal stories, it shows readers how to get unstuck from old ways of behaving and take bold steps toward something new and larger in their lives.

The book is a journey in itself, as Nancy lays out time-tested tools to identify, face, and overcome shadow beliefs from childhood that hold us back, get free of the limits of our comfort zone, come to terms with and cultivate fear as a driving force for change, and discover the courage we already have to take bold steps into the future. She teaches how to be more present, use our intuition, and get out from under the daily restrictions of autopilot. She reveals strategies to stay the course, maintain low attachment to outcome, receive feedback, stay disciplined and responsible to ourselves, and learn what it means to practice acceptance and surrender.

Ms. Pickard is testimony to her proven methods. She reinvented herself as a master life coach in her second half and at the age of 61, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, experiences and achievements that recalibrated her way of being and became her vision for a bigger life.

Not everyone must climb a mountain to live larger. As the book well shows, each of our versions of a bigger life can be anything that brings elation, accomplishment, fulfillment, and connection with the spirit of who we are. Bigger Better Braver provides the pathway to uncover our personal vision of what living bigger means and opens the door for a major life change.

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Bigger Better Braver is an Amazon #1 International Bestseller!

Reaching #1 on Launch Day in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada!

” Nancy Pickard’s extensive training, accompanied by her powerful personal experiences, make this book a must-read for anyone looking to live a Bigger, Better, Braver life. Her guidance to dig deeper, discover immense love for yourself, and actionable steps to conquer your fears will take you from “playing small” to living big and beautifully! If you are ready to leave behind your broken pieces of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fears, and the expectations of others that are holding you back from living your best life, Bigger, Better, Braver is the book for you! Transformational expert, Nancy Pickard, leads you through her own pitfalls and triumphs, along with her intimate questions and coaching techniques, to unlock your truest potential.  The roadmap to your dream life is right at your fingertips!”
Gina DeVee

Author, Speaker and Podcast Host

” They say there’s nothing new under the sun… but what if you found what you needed in one place? Nancy’s step-by-step approach to change provides the puzzle pieces that create the inner foundation for successful outer change that is Bigger, Better and Braver.  May you use this process to create the better story that your life is asking, and may that new story equip you to serve the world in the way that only you can.”
Gail Larsen

Author of Transformational Speaking: If you Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story.

“Using her own pivotal experience of climbing Kilimanjaro at 61 years old as the heartbeat of BIGGER, BETTER, BRAVER!, Nancy Pickard expertly guides us to explore “our own Kilimanjaro.” Through client stories and enlivening inner-exercises that magnificently illuminate the path of the most sacred journey we will every take — to self-love and self-worth — this potent book is a compass I will return to again and again.”
Nancy Levin

Author of Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free