Being in Resistance to What Is

  Covid-19 has at one point or another turned many lives upside down. How we respond is an individual thing. I have heard people say we are all in the same boat. We are not! We are each in our own boat navigating the same body of water. Those who stay in resistance to...

2020 is not a Do-Over; It’s a Do-Better!

Where do we go with all of this? It seems each time I turn around, a new horror is happening. As someone who believes there are no accidents, that everything happens for a reason, I am convinced the Universe has had enough craziness from all of us. It is screaming, WAKE UP PEOPLE! 

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

Nothing is more important than learning to trust your word. If you can’t trust your word, how will anyone else? The trusting gift is more self-love and greater self-worth. It begins with accountability.

Lessons to Learn from the Coronavirus

I have been contemplating the many lessons we can learn during this crazy time in our lives. I believe everything has a spiritual core from which much can be learned and appreciated.

How Can You Help Your Children Become Bigger, Better, Braver?

As parents we tend to protect our children and “do” for them to insure they succeed. Those are good intentions. The risks in doing for them, however, are significant: cutting them off from developing self-worth and increasing their life skills.  

How to Handle the Holiday Stress

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which as we all know, conjures up an array of emotion. Family time can be a mixed bag. If you are lucky enough to have family, you know about the usual drama associated with who is hosting and who is and isn’t coming....

Navigating Loss

    This blog on grieving is as much for me as it is for my readers. The grieving process isn’t easy, but it is a natural response to loss. My father passed last week after battling prostate cancer that metastasized to bone and liver cancer. He handled dying the way...

What do you believe about yourself?

How are your beliefs about yourself? Self-esteem is how we view ourselves, our own value, and our sense of worthiness. It is a critical component to our decision making, risk taking, and motivation. Those with lower self-esteem tend to believe they are not as worthy...

How do you see your self?

How do you see yourself? Whether we realize it or not, how we view ourselves defines so many aspects of our lives and daily interactions. Any given situation presents us with an opportunity to manifest whatever beliefs about ourselves we hold, and so it’s important to...