Find Your Parenting Strengths

Own Your Strength

Feel Connected

Set Clear Boundaries

Empowered Parenting Begins
When You Recognize Your Strengths

Each stage of parenting brings new challenges. From the child who won’t take a nap to the defiant teenager who challenges your every word, it can feel like you’re getting constant feedback that you’re doing it all wrong!

And second-guessing is only half the story; you’re losing sleep, you’ve lost power and you’re constantly on edge. How often have you wished someone would just tell you what to do?

Simply put: your vision of parenting is not aligned with reality.

Empowered Parent Coaching can help restore balance and the joy of parenting. By discovering the patterns and beliefs that get in the way of clear parenting, you’ll feel like you have a clear blueprint to follow. Rather than focusing on missteps, I’ll show you how to build on your strengths, so you can cherish the moments with your children – at every age.

With a Masters in Education, BA in Psychology and Sociology, I’ve raised 2 sons and am a grandmother to 3. I know the strains of parenting can be overcome. Discover how coaching can equip you to be a better parent today.

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Own Your Strengths

Own Your Strengths

Perhaps you’ve lost sight of your personal parenting strengths. Coaching will help you see your parenting abilities and build upon them. Let go of fear and shift your perspective to see what you are doing right!

Feel Greater Connection

Feel Greater Connection

When you feel overwhelmed, anxious or even angry, it’s hard to feel connected to your children – especially if they are constantly fighting you or seem unappreciative. Coaching can help you stay in the moment and feel connected no matter what is happening.

Set Clear Boundaries

Set Clear Boundaries

Afraid we won’t be liked or perhaps we did agree with our parents for being “strict,” we often don’t set clear boundaries for our children. Great Parents Empower can help you establish (or re-establish) improved patterns and boundaries to make parenting easier.
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“Coaching helped me through the end of my divorce. I learned to be an extraordinary parent again. I was able to regain a new focus with my parenting skills. Releasing guilt from my past, Nancy helped me stay focused, teaching me how to stay in control of my time with my children. The biggest lesson I gained was how to capture moments with my children and myself. I am very thankful for Nancy.”

– Crystal Rich Phillips

Nancy gets kisses from her puppy
Empowered Parent Coaching helps parents reclaim the beauty of parenting. Acquire new tools and skills, experience follow-through and connect more deeply with your children. By helping parents clear their own patterns, beliefs and wounds first, coaching helps parents see clearly their circumstances without judgment.

  • Let go of the constant parenting struggle
  • Own your strengths and build upon them
  • Free yourself from expectations and outdated patterns
  • Set clear boundaries and rules
  • Create greater safety, love and connection
  • Trust your own parenting style and become a confident parent

Highly customized, this coaching program can span from 6 to 19 weeks. During weekly, confidential phone calls, together we’ll establish a healthy and realistic vision for your parenting. Develop greater follow through and accountability and gain the confidence to step into a new, empowered vision of parenting.

Empowered Parent Coaching can help you be a better parent at every stage of life

Learn how coaching can support you through every parenting stage


7 Week Coaching Program
  • 7 Weekly Sessions over the Phone or Skype (without video)
  • Skills and Lessons to Build on Your Strengths
  • Action Steps  to move you forward
  • Greater Accountability with Check-Ins and Clear Goals
  • Improved connection with your children – no matter what age.
17 Week Coaching Package
  • Empowered Parent Coaching Plus Breakthrough Shadow Coaching
  • Using tools to develop your vision and remove the obstacles to achieve it.
  • Empowered Parent Coaching with Breakthrough Shadow Coaching will help you remove obstacles and expectations
20 Week Coaching Package
  • Empowered Parent Coaching Plus Healing Your Heart Coaching
  • Before we can be the parents we want to be, we must first heal the pain of our past
  • Beginning with Healing Your Heart, we will move from pain and forgiveness of our past and clean the slate of parenting to develop new, healthy patterns.
To begin, schedule a complimentary discovery session to see if we are a fit.