All Participants will leave knowing:

  • The proven tools to be both connected and protected in relationships
  • The Five Losing Strategies we fall into and how they harm relationships
  • The Five Winning Strategies to repair and revitalize relationships, and how to practice them
  • Healthy listening and responding skills to effectively communicate with your partner
  • Where you get “stuck” most often in your relationships and how to become “unstuck”

Mental Health Professionals will leave with a better understanding of how to:

  • Teach couples to assess their losing strategies in relationships and move into the winning strategies for dramatic turnarounds
  • Teach clients to build healthy self-esteem and use protective boundaries so they can be connected and protected in relationships
  • Give women the tools of relational empowerment so they can be lovingly assertive
  • Equip men with the tools of relational awakening so they can open up and show up
  • Additional learning objectives are available here: The Relationship Bootcamp Workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Relational Life Foundation Sponsored Bootcamps

Our non-profit wing, The Relational Life Foundation designs the RLT Relationship Skills Bootcamp workshop specifically for marginalized communities throughout the United States.
All individuals and couples, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, ability, religion, culture, age, relationship configuration and financial means are welcome. The registration fee is kept intentionally affordable for those with limited financial capacity.