1. Accountability. Your coach keeps you accountable. When you begin working with a coach, you may be inclined to follow through with your action steps to please the coach or be the “good” student. That is fine at the start, but the coach can help you learn how to be accountable to YOU. Nothing is more important than learning to trust your word. If you can’t trust your word, how will anyone else? The trusting gift is more self-love and greater self-worth. It begins with accountability.

2. Self-love. Coaching clients typically are stuck in one or more areas in their life. They may be unhappy and not aware of the “why.” They commonly have feelings of unworthiness or not being enough. As mentioned, it begins with trusting your word and knowing you can stay aligned with what you say you want. It is about how you make choices in tune with where you want to go instead of yielding to the lure of instant gratification. Consistent follow through on action steps, without excuses, grows self-love and builds self-trust.

3. Support. The only agenda in the coaching experience is yours. We work together to help you create a space to explore whatever comes up and speak whatever is on your mind without fear of judgment. Appreciate that your coach is a clean vessel who holds a safe space to support and help you find your answers. Week after week you’ll be heard and supported. You may get hard questions to help you see what you may not see, a form of ruthless compassion, but they will be formulated to guide you to your own answers.

4. Direction. Many clients don’t initially have a sense of where they want to go. They only know they’re unhappy. The overriding goal is to help you uncover the life vision that is buried in your heart. During the process, you will develop the tools to bypass the noise of your inner critic that crowds your head and disempower the beliefs your ego feeds. Your heart knows what it wants, and you will learn how to quiet the heart enough to hear that voice.

5. Tools. The tools you will acquire from the coaching process are designed to make lasting change. With them in your hands, you will uncover disempowering beliefs from childhood that have kept you stuck and sabotaged you. You will learn to focus on what’s right and not what’s wrong and see more clearly the path to more happiness and positivity. Many people lack motivation. They may feel unhappy but can’t muster the energy to change their life. The tools you will learn will help you stay motivated, create affirmations to keep you moving forward and get the needed push to make the changes applicable to you.

6. Learn from your mistakes. Coaching clients get to learn how to look at mistakes and missteps as lessons and sources of information. Failures have so much to teach us on the way to success. Life happens FOR you and not TO you! When you learn to see failure as a steppingstone, the way you view your life shifts.

7. Managing Overwhelm and Procrastination. Clients often need help “chunking-down” their tasks so that everything becomes manageable and not overwhelming. In the coaching process, we work together collaboratively to devise a plan that features one bite size step at time to propel you consistently forward.

8. Goal setting. Learning to set achievable goals is often a learned skill. Your action steps should be designed to help you move powerfully toward specified short and long-term goals. The vision, goals, and action steps you devise are your roadmap to get from place A to place B. A carefully constructed plan is essential for you getting to where you want to go.

9. Become the Observer and not the Reactor. When a difficult life situation occurs, we tend to default to “reaction” mode. Besides suffering the event, we create a second layer of emotion that holds all the pain and emotion. Our interpretation of the experience is yours to change. Change the pain and emotional response and you change everything. It isn’t what we go through that defines us; it is what we make of it that defines us, how we act, think and recover. When you step outside and examine the event, you become the observer and not the knee-jerk reactor, looking at every bump, twist and turn as growth opportunity. What is the lesson here? What is the gift? How can I grow from this experience? Why is this person or situation in my life? What am I not seeing? What am I ignoring?

10. Faith the Universe has your Back. The coaching process builds your trust in a greater force that has your back. You can go with the flow of life and give up being the general manager of your world. When you recognize that everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences, you can use life and all its ups and downs to support you. I help you put your faith in your faith and not in your fears. It is a game changer.