Want a bigger life? It’s simply a matter of taking that first step. I can’t tell you how often I step
outside my comfort zone. I learned quickly (and repeatedly) that when you write a book, the
world conspires to put more in your face. Sort of like: You want a bigger better braver life? Try

That is exactly what I have been doing. I could list more than a dozen things I’ve done these past
months but I will spare you the litany and hope you’ll take my word for it.

I have gotten to a place where feeling the fear and moving forward anyway is my barometer for
self-growth. I don’t say “no” to anything the Universe brings me that will help me grow as an
individual or grow my business. My intuition has been fine-tuned to catapult me forward. I have
learned to visualize the other side of what I fear. When my imposter syndrome sneaks up, I tell
that little voice, “I hear you, but now shut the hell up, and watch me go now!”

I am having so much fun stepping up and stepping in. No little voices in my head winning out
anymore. I tell myself I’ve got this and I am this. I am brave AF. There is a seat for me at the
table and taking it doesn’t exclude anyone else from taking theirs. On the contrary, I invite you
to sit down right beside me.

What am I passionate about?

Helping others move beyond their fears; as I do. I walk my walk and talk my talk.
Know this, if you fall, you are falling forward. Each bump is a steppingstone to success. I don’t
believe there is a better feeling than being afraid and doing it anyway. That is why I say: “the
juice is in the journey.” Regardless of the outcome, the way you feel about your leap makes you
a success.

This is what I have learned:

1) Action Conquers Fear
2) It’s your decisions, not your situations that define you
3) Finding and living your Purpose is your superpower
4) If you think you can’t, you must.
5) Everything happens for you and not to you
6) Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
7) Growth happens when you feel the fear and do it anyway.
8) Competence creates confidence
9) When you stay in integrity with your purpose, the Universe showers you with gifts.
10) You’ve got this

I am here applauding everyone who reads this blog and takes one tiny step forward. Chunk down
your dream to tiny, doable steps, take the first one, and . . .

Please email if you need support or want to connect. You don’t have to do it alone. I
am here for you.

In light and love,