As a life coach, I often ask clients where they get stuck. It is a question I often put to myself, although, in honesty, when I am rolling along on auto pilot, I can forget to ask. When I take the time to do so, however, I get noteworthy responses.

To illustrate, here is a recent true story. A fellow coach and I decided to take each other through a three-month coaching commitment. One week I’d coach her and the next she’d do the same for me. As I was coaching her, she came up with some great goals for her three-month commitment. Knowing that the following week we’d switch roles, before the session, I started working out what I thought I wanted for my goals, and, calling upon my coaching tools, I began doing the work. That is the beautiful thing. I had the tools; I only needed a nudge.

Once we have figured out where we get stuck, then we can move ahead to get free of the excuses that keep us from moving forward.

These questions help:

  1. What change are you seeking? It could be a new job or relationship, the next step in your business, starting up a new business, regaining better health, or managing your emotions better, to provide a sampling.
  2. Is your self-critic holding you back? (It always tries. Note to self: ignore the voice.)
  3. What is your greatest fear? Get real with that fear. Write it down. Write them all down. Read them aloud. They aren’t as scary when you face and voice them.
  4. What is your perception about your situation? Your perceptions form your reality. (Hard to believe but you do control your perceptions.)
  5. Are you waiting for permission from someone else to change your life? Stop waiting and give yourself permission. Yours is the only permission you need.
  6. What action do you want to change? Focus on your actions and not just your feelings. Then ask, once you take that action, how will you feel?
  7. What are you committing to? What can you commit to? Commitment is the bridge between you and your goals. Commitment creates competence and competence creates confidence.
  8. Who can help you? Ask for help.
  9. If you lived in an excuse free zone, what would you do?
  10. You are 100% responsible for your choices. What is one choice you can make to move yourself forward?

Start today.