I am surprised how happy I am in California.  I never thought of myself as a California Girl; although I did have my days as a blond but that was a long time ago.  The weather has been amazing and the fact that it has been snowing on and off in Aspen makes me appreciate the weather here, that much more.  I love that I can see my younger son and his wife and when they call to get together, I am so excited.   What a treat!   The views are spectacular when I am hiking, biking, driving or just looking out from my apartment windows.   I think the little things like an Apple Store and a shoe repair shop and a Whole Foods within minutes of me; is also note worthy.  Yesterday I drove into the city at night to see the Opera.  My date wanted to pick me up even though he would have been driving for an hour and also against traffic.  I insisted on driving myself so I could get comfortable with doing just that.  I am continually trying things outside my comfort zone so my comfort zone will spread and grow infinitely larger.  It was such a great night.  However,  driving home on a street where all of a sudden you couldn’t see below you because the street was so steep, was scary.  I literally stopped and thought that I couldn’t drive over this hill; or the six that followed.  I never liked amusement park rides and this was what I was on.

Most of all, I think my happiness has to do with having a dream and setting goals and action steps and then, choosing in alignment with those goals and action steps.  I really believe, that is what is leading to my happiness.  I would love to meet a few more women friends-that is high on my priority list.  A girl can’t survive on dates alone!  I know that my life here isn’t established yet but what is really interesting is that I know it is in my power to make it happen.  I can count on myself to make the life I want.  My future is mine to create.  My dream of how I want that to look is mine to make in to reality.  The Universe is here to  bring me everything I manifest.    With that knowledge, I am not sad or concerned because I know I will make it happen.  When I asked a client this week who she admired in life; she answered that it was me.    What was the quality that she admired?  My always working to improve myself and having the ability to follow through and get what I’ve set out to get.  I can tell you that being in the conversation of this work, and always choosing by staying in alignment with my goals; gets me there.   Will that be tomorrow or the next day?  I doubt it.  But happen,  it will.    It is all a matter of perception.  Our thoughts become our reality.  Think Positively!   Have patience.

What are you working on?  What is your dream for your future?  Do you have that road map?

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