The Right Questions for the New Year

As we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015, I want to introduce you to Debbie Ford’s extraordinary book, The Right Questions. In her book she states that in order to create the life we dream of, we need to ask ourselves the right questions.

The most basic truth in all of her questions is that we have a choice.  As adults, everything we say or do is our choice to make. This is a fundamental reality that is sometimes the most difficult concept for people to accept. We need to consciously be aware of our choices and how they form our future. Only by looking and taking responsibility for our choices, past and present, can we can stop repeating the mistakes from our past.

This is the beginning of a new year and the perfect time to take stock and take responsibility for the life we lead. To reach the goals and create the life we desire, we need to make choices that are in alignment with where we want our lives to go.

For so may of us, we get stuck in resistance. We live somewhere far left of where we want to be. Our lives have a sluggish feeling similar to being stuck in muck. We don’t know how we got here or how to get out. We may even point fingers at others instead of looking carefully at the choices we have made that landed us exactly where we are today. Recently someone very dear to me said she had no control of her thoughts. I totally disagree. We are not the victims in our life story. Our perceptions, our thoughts, our choices; are exactly what we do have control over.  Isn’t it time to become consciously aware of yours?

These questions of Debbie’s are our road map. They give us the tools and the power to consciously create the life we desire. I have used these questions as my guide for over two years now. They are deceptively simple but extremely powerful. They are a gift to you for the fulfillment of your life in 2015. As you wake each and every day you must become aware of all the choices you have to make. Don’t let life pass by in the “doing-ness” of your day but instead stay aware of your opportunities and choices.

Choose wisely; choose consciously, chose from you heart. Your mind is ruled by your ego. Your ego is guided by dark and light shadows, fears and underlying commitments born from misinterpretations and childhood experiences. Trust that your mind can’t take you where your heart wants to go. Start listening from your inner wisdom and before you cross the next road, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past?
  • Will this choice bring me long-term fulfillment or will it bring me short-term gratification?
  • Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?
  • Am I looking at what’s right or am I looking for what’s wrong?
  • Will this choice add to my life force or will it rob me of my energy?
  • Will I use this situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve or will I use it to beat myself up?
  • Does this choice empower me or does it disempower me?
  • Is this an act of self-love or is it an act of self-sabotage?
  • Is this an act of faith or is it an act of fear?
  • Am I choosing from my divinity or am I choosing from my humanity?

The quality of our life is the sum of our choices. We can go on for years fooling ourselves that we are moving in the direction of our dreams. But are we? Take an honest assessment of your life. The proof is in the pudding. When you ask yourself these questions before choosing which road to take, you make your subconscious choices, conscious. You begin to move in alignment towards the future your heart desires.

Debbie’s book will have a profound impact if you read it. Remember, I am here for you to discuss these questions or anything else with regard to coaching. Please email me at:


I invite you to join me starting later in January for a book club on “The right Questions”.  It will be a conference call seminar where we will discuss the book and the questions and how they relate to our lives.  This first seminar all members will be my quests and I hope you will join me.  Stay tuned for more information.


Are you ready to be the conscious designer of your life?


A truly happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.

With love and light,