I have been contemplating the many lessons we can learn during this crazy time in our lives. I believe everything has a spiritual core from which much can be learned and appreciated.

1.     Being social is integral to our lives. But that doesn’t always require physical closeness. Many people are reaching out more than ever to friends and family to connect. I have been part of cross-country Zoom dinner and cocktail parties with family and friends, get togethers that wouldn’t have happened but for this crisis. That is a gift. Someone I know is having a weekly costume party on Zoom with games to make the connection more festive. I have been reading and telling interactive stories to my grandchildren as a group on Face Time, even though they live on opposite coasts. They keep calling for more.

2.     We need to come together within our personal communities and the world at large. Connecting is the great equalizer. This flagrant disease has no bias. It hits rich and poor, old and young, and the right, middle of the road and liberal. If we don’t each do our part to stay contained, the disease will spread like wildfire.

3.     We need to respect and honor those on the front line. They are jeopardizing their own lives to save others. They are heroes. How can we support them and show our gratitude? Foremost by staying home and not spreading the virus and making their jobs easier.

4.     We need to not panic, which can lead to hoarding. Let’s help our neighbors and leave enough supplies for them. Resist temptations to be selfish. This is a time to engage in self-reflection and practice self-control of our fears and our short-sightedness.

5.     We are the keeper of our own thoughts and behaviors. They create our reality! It is a perfect time to practice being the observer and not the reactor to what is happening. We have no control over the event invading our lives, but we control the spin we put on everything happening within our reach. The stress level is ours to manage. The internet is full of free meditations and other destressing exercises, should you need them. Look at tapping and etching on “YouTube” for ways to self-destress!  Write me for my own tapping video that I am happy to share.

6.     We should look at what we consider are the worst-case scenarios. Ask ourselves: what would we do if any happen? And, then, what is the likelihood any might happen? I imagine the percentage is low. Yet how much time have we spent worrying about them?  This is a great opportunity to check in with ourselves and notice how we handle anxiety and fear.  Do we help ourselves or hurt ourselves with our thoughts?

7.     We have an opportunity to do good for the whole, which means hunkering down and staying away from others, as hard as that might be for many of us.

8.     We have an opportunity to take a hard look at our habits. We have the chance to find many ways to work from home and work out without going to a gym. We can cook more and go out less. We can read books we kept putting off because of our busy schedules. We can walk our dogs more as a way for both of us to de-stress. We can learn how we manage stress and what thoughts damage, and which support us.

9.     This is a perfect time to get out of our own way and ask ourselves: how can we help others? Do they need financial or emotional support? How can we help?

10.  Remember that little steps are still steps.  All of us have plans that at the moment are put on hold.  That doesn’t mean everything needs to stop-it just needs to pivot a bit.  Use your creativity to come up with new ways to continue to move forward.  Baby steps are still steps.

11.  This is the time to put our faith in faith and not in fear.  We can control our fear and use this time productively instead of letting fear zap all our energy and creativity.  We have all been given a time out!  Let’ make the most of our time.

I saw a perfect meme the other day. It was: the Earth is telling us all to go to our rooms and think about what we have done. I see the virus in that role.

Let’s learn the lessons in front of us to avoid something worse happening down the line.

In light and love, stay safe—and stay home!