As a life coach, I see so many 30-something women who anguish over finding a partner and starting a family. Are you one of these women? Here are some tell-tale signs.

• Do you brood when seeing friends with children?
• Have you been the bride’s maid but not the bride so often it hurts?
• Is it painful when you see on social media happy friends with loving partners and beautiful babies?
• Do you long to hold other people’s babies?
• Are cozy nights at home increasingly desirable?
• Are baby clothes and other baby items becoming irresistibly cute?
• Do your parents send subtle messages about being grandparents?
• Did you choose your career because it fit nicely with being a mom?
• Is your career becoming less important because the incessant drum beat of finding a husband      is getting louder and louder?
• Do you wake up at 3:00 a.m. wondering if you will ever find Mr. Right?
• Do pregnant women and women with children seem to be EVERYWHERE you look?
• Do you wonder if something is wrong with you?
• Is your desire to start a family so important it clouds your happiness?

The biological clock is a scientific phenomenon.  The “warning” signals the body sends to the brain as this happens are real, and as much as you prefer not to obsess about babies and finding Mr. Right, it is partly out of your control. The body is speaking to you.  I am a woman and I know how you feel. It’s so painful some times, it hurts.

There are many things you can do to help yourself. For one, you can have a blood test to check levels of FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and consider, depending on the results, whether egg freezing or cryopreservation is for you.  After you make that decision you need to stop obsessing about it; especially around the men you are dating.  That last sentence I heard directly from a 38 year old single man just this week.

Beyond that, if your vision for a life as big as you can have involves finding Mr. Right and starting a family, I can help you!

You have to work on You! You need to discover, uncover and recognize the beliefs formed early in your life that disempower you and keep you from the life you want. As a child you attached meaning to an event you didn’t know how to process or digest. The experience faded to the background of your conscious awareness, but the Shadow Belief—a negative or limiting interpretation—thrives in your unconscious and shapes your reality. When you assign new interpretations to disempowering beliefs, however, you attract situations and people that will help you give birth to the life you crave.


I can help you do this. I have helped countless clients who felt exactly as you feel now.

I will help you find your power and worth and not settle for less than you deserve. You will understand the childhood fears and shame hidden in your subconscious beliefs. It requires work, action, vulnerability and the ability to be honest, first with yourself and then others.

Give yourself the gift of uncovering your sabotaging beliefs.

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