I can’t help but do a little bragging about some news I just received. I obtained word that I am a 2020 Foreword Indies Finalist for their Book of the Year Award. It came as a complete surprise and I was pretty much in shock the entire evening.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my book and I am passionate about its ability to help others but to be chosen out of over 2000 books, to be a finalist in my category is so reaffirming to me.

For those of you who have never written a book-it is a huge undertaking. The writing of it is just the beginning. My book took over three years from start to finish and then I had a publisher and a publicist and a VA to help with all the marketing and on and on. I just received my first royalty check, and I can tell you, writing this book is not about making money (although that would certainly be a nice perk). It is an act of love and it comes from a place of wanting to share what I have learned over these many years of coaching with as many people as possible. I love my one-on-one coaching and even group coaching, but not everyone can afford it. The book is the most economical and efficient way to spread my knowledge and tips and strategies with as many people as possible.

I think that is why this award nomination is so gratifying. It is a sign from the Universe that I am exactly where I should be, and my book is producing the exact effect on the world that I imagined it could.

My book is full of my life experiences and those of my clients. After many great discoveries and experiences and a wealth of knowledge, I bring it all to you so you can learn from our experiences and gleam from it what you can. I have done the work and the research to provide a solid foundation in my life and hopefully provide a fundamental contribution to yours.

I think this award proves that it will. Please enjoy my book and I would love a short review on Amazon or wherever you choose to buy it.

In Light and love,