Today is my birthday and I want to take this moment to tell you how grateful I am to you.  I know you always have my back and certainly more times than not, I am aware of how lucky I am and what an amazing life I have.

There have been so many times of great joy in my life and I have been grateful.  I have also had times of great sorrow.  I have always been aware that my life has high summits and low valleys. I never was a middle of the road kind of gal. It hasn’t always been easy to be grateful in the valleys but I finally understand that the gifts come in those times. I now understand you are leading me to these situations and people and it is for me to ask:  What is the lesson you want me to learn?”  I know to step back and look at the situation and search for the gifts and the lessons.  I am learning the lessons and I have become accustomed to saying to you: “Bring on the small lessons”! I no longer need you to knock me over the head with the big lessons because you have my attention!  (Are you thinking, finally?)

I am blessed by everything that is occurring in my life.  My parents just left Aspen a week ago and I skied every day with my 90 year old father and woke up every morning to answer daily questions from my mother as she tackled her iPhone, iPad, texting and her computer.  They both amaze me!

I have two spectacular sons whom I love, admire and respect.  I am blessed with both of their choices for life partners.  Both of those amazing women are not only dear friends but they are blessing me with grandchildren.  My precious little Manola, who brings joy to my life daily, is about to be the older sister and cousin to two new babies in the following months.

I have two sisters who have always been my teammates and we have stayed that way throughout these many years.  We always have each other’s backs.

I live in Aspen and California and thank You every day for the spectacular views, all my friends and all the daily activities in nature.

I am grateful for my little Bella and all the joy she brings to my life.

I am grateful for my mind, heart and body that allow me to live the life I live.

I am grateful for all the life lessons you have brought me along the way and I know that each and every one was to bring me to where I am today and where I am going tomorrow.

I have a career that I am passionate about.  I love that it is about helping people and giving back.  I get as much if not more than I give in a career that feeds my soul.  Life has come together for me and I take this opportunity to let you know.

I leave for last but not least that you have taught me to once again open my heart to love.  I have moved from fear in to faith and I am so grateful to you for aligning our stars and bringing us together.

So here I am on my birthday, in Hawaii, with a beautiful, fun, fit, intelligent and generous man.  We are about to begin a biking trip doing what we both love to do.  I am grateful for this gift today.  I am not attached to the outcome but am happy to stay in this moment. Leaving the past in the past and the future in the future.  I’m all in for this ride, spiritually, metaphysically, emotionally and physically.

For many years I wanted to exude gratitude.  I wanted to feel it profoundly, deep down in my inner heart.  I wanted to feel it more that just saying the words.  I wanted to feel and believe it inside and out.

The greatest birthday gift of all is that I have that.

My stars have aligned.

I am blessed.

I love and I am loved,

I am in alignment with my greatest vision for myself.

I am centered and balanced and grateful.

From the deepest center of my being, I say Thank You Universe.