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“Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart, and keeps you vital and creative.”

– Terry Real

Are you and your partner going through any of the following?

  • Growing apart

  • Frequently fighting or criticizing each other

  • Clashing about Money

  • Consistently feeling unheard

  • Handling an infidelity

  • Walking on eggshells around each other

  • Having unproductive arguments

  • Having trouble trusting each other

  • Experiencing major life transitions

  • Having difficulty expressing emotional needs

  • Suffering a lackluster or nonexistent sex life 

  • Feeling emotionally disconnected from each other

  • Considering separation

Nancy and her partner sitting together happily on a chair after transforming their relationship

Congratulations on taking the first step to improving your relationships and life! Reaching out for relational help is a gift to yourself. I admire your courage in seeking assistance. You can transform your relationships!

My work with individuals and couples is deeply rooted in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy.™  This theory helps clients learn healthy self-esteem and good boundaries, while tackling unhealthy grandiosity and toxic shame.  You and your partner will learn skills that help you communicate your feelings, wants, and needs, and develop listening techniques that enhance your ability to hear your partner’s perspective. You will both become empowered to solve your own problems.

Relational therapeutic coaching provides the tools and knowledge to sustain a healthy, happy, and passionate relationship. I specialize in a practical and fast acting approach. It comes down to learning to know yourself and your needs, while holding you and your partner in warm regard.

I will help you see your strengths and weakness with clarity. There are losing and winning strategies to identify and learn to have healthy intimacy and joy in your relationship. Relationships are made up of harmony, disharmony, and repair. I will teach you a functioning mechanism for repair.
I share what I see with directness and help both partners move toward the center of health. I facilitate democracy in your relationship.

While the aim is to fix your relationship, if I don’t believe it is fixable, I will tell you. I work with both partners on what they need to change individually and within the relationship. The repetitive dance each couple does—the dysfunctional strategies they use—is the real client. It is where we start our work. I will challenge you to evaluate your part in the dance.

The process is a collaboration among the three of us. I am your biggest cheerleader and teacher and both partners need to come ready to work and learn. Your success depends upon the individual changes and growth you are each willing to do. We will do inner child work when needed to free yourself from early adaptations that while they might have helped you survive as a child are maladaptive in your relationship.

I have helped many couples return from the brink of disaster, and I can help you too, so that you and your partner become confident enough to apply tools to the new you and your ever-changing relational dynamics—and set you free.

Join me in creating more connection and harmony in your relationship and a healthier legacy for your children.

You don’t need to be in pain one day longer.

Let me show you how to transform your relationships.

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