professional headshot of Nancy Pickard

Hi! I am certified as a David Kessler Grief Facilitator. I had found that some coaching clients struggled with navigating loss and grief and sought new tools to support them better.

There’s a Reason You’re Here

You know the heartbreak of loss. You’ve experienced that grief and trauma can break our hearts, obscure hope, and wreak havoc on lives.

You know that there is no magical solution to just “get over” or “move on” grief. And yet, you’ve also experienced that we’re more resilient than we ever imagined. You’ve seen that – in time and with help – we grow around our painful wounds and we can experience the sweetness of peace, and remember with more love than pain.

During my coaching, I can shine a light and point the way towards healing.

“In grief, the first person you wish you could talk to is no longer alive. The second person to talk to is another who understands grief and wants to meet you right where you are.”

– David Kessler

Grief Hurts

Loss is traumatic, complicated, confusing, and painful.

As a Certified Grief Counselor, I will hold your hand and take you through the most effective practices and strategies to help you transform, struggle into hope.