In the last month, I had the pleasure of hearing that three former clients got engaged or married, and one client was working on having a baby!  (Work might not be an apt description 😊.)

Why does the news excite me?  Well of course, I always like good news but there is so much more behind this. These clients came to me because they were unhappy in their lives. They wanted a partner and to start a family. One prior relationship after another failed and they were despondent. In their minds, the hourglass top was rapidly running out of sand.

I understood their desires. I also knew I could help them. I explained that the first step was taking a short break from dating to allow them to dig in and work on themselves. They had to become the partner they wanted to date before they could attract the partner they dreamt of having.

Over the next months, we unpacked their shadow beliefs (unconscious beliefs formed in childhood that were keeping them playing small) and the underlying commitments (unconscious promises they made around those beliefs), which were sabotaging their relationships.

I helped them identify small action steps each week and held them accountable for follow through, as they learned to hold themselves accountable for regarding action commitments that they’d made to themselves. They learned to trust their word, increasing self-worth and self-respect.

We worked on trusting their instincts and turning down the volume on their negative self-talk.  They came to recognize those were not their thoughts, and learned to turn them off, acknowledging them as saboteurs. They’d tell themselves “cancel, cancel” and flood their minds with new empowering thoughts instead.

I helped them learn to use and trust their voice and ask for what they needed, a process that empowered them.

Each of these steps led to greater self-confidence and courage. Small steps outside their comfort zone opened up their minds to how much more they were capable of. Each successful step was an uptick in confidence, opening minds to be more creative and clearer on their future.

I had them write out in excruciating detail everything they wanted in a partner and in a relationship. We left no stone unturned. We left nothing to chance. With a detailed plan in hand and clarity on the qualities they wanted in a partner, they began methodically to strengthen those qualities they didn’t recognize in themselves.

I watched as they freed themselves of relationships that didn’t serve them, as they took charge, no longer the victim of their circumstances and no longer needy, armed with healthy boundaries and the courage to ask for what they wanted.

They were ready to attract the partner of their dreams—and one by one they did.

Happily ever after? Well, we all know that is the stuff of fairy tales. In real life it takes work. But my clients are now equipped with the tools they need to work through any issues. They know that life happens for them and not to them.

I am so happy for these women. They put in the time to work on themselves and they achieved their most coveted goals. They became the partner they wanted to attract, and they succeeded.

If you see yourself in their stories, DM or email me.  We can set up a free discovery call.

Ask yourself: are you ready to become your Prince Charming?