Break Through your Shadows!

Shadow beliefs are the beliefs that are limiting the way you live your life, oftentimes seen as sabotage. My coaching methods all focus on helping you uncover and embrace your shadow beliefs so you can be free to live a bigger life.

In order to experience real change, you must uncover and shift these hidden beliefs.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung first devised the term shadow beliefs, which many transformational leaders such as Debbie Ford and Deepak Chopra, among others, have adopted. A shadow belief is an unconscious limiting belief that influences our entire lives—telling us what we can and cannot do. It drives all of our behaviors.

Shadow beliefs are formed early in life, under the age of 10, when you’re emotionally unprepared to handle a given situation. After these experiences you form beliefs about yourself and the world around you – and if it’s negative, then it’s a shadow belief. It is then forgotten and lies in the “shadow” because they become part of your subconscious. Although you’re unaware of the belief, it rules your operating system and dictates all of your decisions from the time it was formed, until the time you uncover it.

Once you can see where and why it was developed you can see how it helped you as a child and how it’s hurt you as an adult. Based on your adult understanding, you can create a new empowering belief to replace your old outdated belief.

I am sure, if you are anything like me, you’ve heard the negative and limiting beliefs deep inside.

Your inner critic is always talking: I’m stupid!

  • I’m not good enough!
  • I’m broken.
  • I’ll never be able to do it!
  • Good girls don’t do that!
  • I don’t fit in!

Even though these beliefs are hiding in the back of your mind, they still push you into the situations you are trying to avoid. That is how the shadow works – it keeps showing up until you’ve brought your shadows into your awareness and shift your perspective.

Let’s say one of your shadow beliefs is that you never fit in—you will keep reinforcing that belief by drawing in situations where you feel left out. Maybe you’ve drawn in friends that leave you behind or tend to make fun of you. While you may not consciously want that, your subconscious beliefs, are keeping your “not fitting in belief” alive by repeatedly drawing in situations to prove they are right.

Maybe you take a job where everyone is more senior than you and you think you don’t fit in. Or you move to a community where it’s hard for you to integrate socially—because you don’t fit in! Your belief keeps getting reinforced.

Once you uncover the belief and shift it to something that fits your current circumstances, you will see yourself the way you want people to see and treat you. It will amaze you to see how changing your belief and perspectives, changes everything.

I help my clients uncover sabotaging beliefs that have affected their entire lives. Now, they are free and empowered. Learn more about how coaching can help you!