What Is It Like To Work With Nancy?

I have had the great pleasure to work with Nancy after a “coincidental” meeting (there are no coincidences) and I knew right away that she knew something I needed to know. Nancy has proven not only to be a wise sage, but an energetic cheerleader and a tough accountability partner- something that is vital for growth and success.

While working with Nancy I have had numerous “A-ha” moments that have proven to be transformational for me personally.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Nancy to anyone who seeks to cut the crap, do the work and make your life more incredible than you ever thought possible.

Shelli Varela

Author/Speaker/Fire Captain (and all around nice chick)



Working with Nancy has been a transformative experience in all the best ways. When we began this journey I expected to learn something, perhaps enjoy the process, and feel supported in my work.

It’s been that but so much more. The process is, believe it or not, a deep pleasure.

Nancy is open, honest, no-nonsense, and 100% emotionally mature. She’s compassionate and empathetic, but she doesn’t let you wallow in your own muck and mire.

I was surprised to learn new things about myself, to discover that I could change, embrace the whole me, and find a way to move forward happier, lighter, and healthier.

I’m still a work in progress, but I feel good, better than I’ve felt in a long time. I look forward to working on my book and TV series with renewed energy and self-confidence.

And I’m happy to know that Nancy is just an email or phone call away, when I need a little support and maybe a little tough love. She’s exactly the kind of life coach I would want to be, exactly what the doctor ordered.

And I urge anyone looking to feel better, to shape up their lives, or to just shift their energy to a more positive place, to contact Nancy today. You can feel better, and she can help. Plus, who doesn’t want to discover the magic of who you really are!


I have been coaching with Nancy for several months. She is an amazing Life Coach who is caring, supportive and inspiring.  Over the years I have  spent many, many hours with some of the most reputable Psychiatrists and Psychologists in my home town. I have to admit I was a little skeptical thinking what could coaching do in my quest for more inner peace, balance, and self-acceptance. How will my phone conversations help me  lead a more peaceful life with a less anxious existence.

I would leave my Psychologist’s office weekly with a head full of thoughts on what I can do to feel better, but each week I returned- it seemed that it was the same discussions. I never grew from the therapy.

After working with Nancy, I felt better after each conversation. We would set up weekly tasks that were manageable and realistic. It was homework on my part that was very specific. These behavioral tasks that I chose for myself with Nancy’s support and encouragement helped me get closer to my goals. 

I have grown a lot since working with her. I have finally been able to achieve some of the calm in my life thanks to Nancy’s supportive  coaching.

Each week I look forward to our phone sessions. They help me set realistic goals which leave me feeling  inspired and motivated to make a better me.

~45-year-old female from Florida

Medical Sales

I never thought to have a life coach. The idea was introduced to me by a friend, and while in response I was agreeable, secretly I was doubtful. I tend to believe my actions determine my life and I didn’t want to be bothered by investigating the past to see how I gotten to where I was. Besides, my goals seemed concrete and attainable.

I was quite wrong. Nancy was absolutely amazing. Every week, I discovered how the most simple moment from the past shaped actions I had believed to just be ingrained features of my natural personality. Nancy taught me where such actions were rooted, and how with awareness and a new light shed on them, I was able to ever so gently change my actions as a result of my new understanding.

The results were immediate and remarkable. Better relationships with my partner, my family, and co-workers. I planned action steps I could realistically hold myself accountable for and met them. Nancy was always kind, honest and a real coach in guiding my life in the direction I wanted. Nancy utilized both her knowledge and own experience to connect and direct me.  I am grateful still for the lessons I have learned in working with her.

~Parissa Ebrahimzadeh35, CA


I began working with Nancy several months after my husband died by suicide. I had been on a path of spiritual learning, awakening and self-learning for some years and believe it’s an ongoing process. I also believe the right things show up at the right time! I have found that the weekly sessions we have had gave a deepened awareness of patterns and a pearl of wisdom in dealing with them. I have candid conversations with Nancy and she shares from a place of humbleness and non-judgment.

~Candice Claire Oksenhorn

Aspen, CO

When you decide to work with Nancy, commit to a “take no prisoners” approach to shaking things up and creating change in your life. No more excuses that allow you to stand in your own way. Nancy is fierce, loving, and relentless, in support of the life you say you want to live. And she’s a funny and compassionate companion for the journey.

Gail Larsen

Founder, Real Speaking and Professional Training & Coaching Consultant

I have been coaching with Nancy for months. She has tremendous insight and offers compassionate care, with a mastery of her skills.  I have a profound relationship of many years with a Jungian psychologist who has guided me deeply. Nancy’s coaching has been an augment to this work, tremendously complementary.

I had a particularly challenging episode with the dissolution of a meaningful relationship. My work with Nancy broke through barriers I had not been able to breach.

I am grateful to her devotion and passion for this work.

~Ross Halleck, 60, CA

Vintner and winery owner

Nancy Pickard was my personal trainer for twelve years. As a former dancer, I needed someone to fill in the gaps where I left off when my career ended. Nancy understood. She recognized what I thought to be my limits and  encouraged me to go further. Her keen awareness of the dual workings of body and mind made each session exciting.

The relevance of what Nancy offers in today’s world goes deep. She’s a gift.

 ~Julie Maloney, NJ

As a psychologist with extensive training in a behavioral approach to changing behaviors, Nancy’s approach to change was really similar and functional.  I appreciated the value of setting my own operationally defined goals, in workable steps, that was designed each week by me to better my life. Furthermore as a woman turning 50, facing empty nest and relationships that needed attention, it was the perfect timing.  The dynamics that were uncovered for me were truly unbelievable in terms of the  change that transpired over this 10-week process. 

Nancy was a life coach who was understanding and nonjudgmental in facilitating real life change for me and inspiring me to ultimately feel more connected at so many different levels with my spouse, sibling and mom. I also learned the value of forgiveness, something I could never have attained without Nancy as my coach. By being committed and doing the work, your outlook can and will change! I am so grateful to have been a part of her guidance and support. I highly recommend this 

approach and Nancy.

Nancy is not only a personal coach but I have also worked with her as a personal trainer prior to this experience. The motivation and expertise was the reason I completed three marathons!!! She was a huge influence in my acquiring a positive self-body image which gave me the confidence and self-esteem to accomplish my goals.

~ Bari Bristow


New Jersey

Working with Nancy has been a life altering experience! Through her dedication and expertise, she has helped me uncover many shadow beliefs that have been holding me back from living my dreams and achieving my goals. I have felt a major shift take place since working with Nancy. Nancy is very professional and knowledgeable!!!! I am a better person for having worked with her. I highly recommend working with Nancy as a Life Coach!!!   Thank you Nancy from the bottom of my heart!!!

~Janice Heie, 49

Aspen, Colorado

Alternative Health Care Professional 

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