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I am a survivor. Like so many women, I came to a time in my life that I needed to find the courage to make changes.

For 25 years I had a wonderful, thriving marriage and always felt blessed.  I then watched my life seemingly turn on a dime, and my marriage crumble.  It took me years to heal from the pain and disappointment.  I had to rebuild my self-esteem and reinvent my life.  It took a lot of work but I came out the other side, stronger and more self assured than ever.  After a long and successful career as owner and founder of a personal training gym, I closed my doors in New Jersey and moved to Aspen, Colorado.

I raised two amazing sons who are now on their own, living successful and joyful lives.

I’m proud of the close relationship I have with them, my daughters-in-law and my sweet grandchildren.

 In 2012, my world was once again rocked with the end of my engagement and six year relationship.  It was at this point that I recognized that the Universe was again testing me:  I needed to learn the lessons the Universe was showing me so I wouldn’t end up in the same place.   This is not to say that I wasn’t living an amazing life, because I was.  I had my share of challenges; but so many of us do.

I have served on the board of Susan G. Komen Aspen and been active as a significant fundraising chair for many years.  Yet still, I felt I wasn’t fulfilling my potential for helping others.  I wasn’t using all the gifts the Universe had bestowed upon me: especially all the life lessons I learned through my many challenges.  My strong will, strength and determination led me to action.  After reading Debbie Ford’s amazing book, The Spiritual Divorce, I realized two things:  I wanted to find a Debbie Ford Integrative Coach and ultimately I wanted to become a Debbie Ford Integrative Coach.

Pickard_nancy-029It seemed like the perfect evolution for me.  I had a BS in Psychology and an MS in Education.  I also held multiple personal training certifications, including two for breast cancer survivors.  I was a certified life coach concentrating on health and wellness since 2001. I was an advocate for women, empowering them through physical challenges I applied in my training practice. 

Debbie Ford’s work was transformational for me.  I learned to live a life of integrity by moving in alignment with my goals and vision.  It is my goal to help others towards personal empowerment with a strong mind and body in balance with a spiritual practice.  My intention for my clients is self-love, fulfillment and peace.  My pledge is to help my clients learn unconditional self-love by uncovering the obstacles in their subconscious mind that get in the way of living in integrity and help them experience more joy, love, faith, and inner peace.  They will move from the discrepancy of where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.  I will support this journey as they learn to listen and trust their internal wisdom, and uncover all their own answers.

I look forward to guiding you through this exciting journey.

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