Come join the book club to discuss “All the Right Questions” by Debbie Ford.  The purpose of this book club is to introduce you to her extraordinary work.  We all have the gift of CHOICE, and each and every day we need to ask ourselves the right questions so we can make the right choices and create the future our hearts desire.   

My vision for this group is to create a safe environment for all of us to explore these questions.  We will explore how they relate to each of us.  My job will be to invite forth the ideas, insights, opinions, and experiences of each member of the group.   We as a collective will navigate the meetings.  I am the facilitator, not the teacher.  However, this will give you an introduction to many of the foundations of my coaching and allow you to step in to the work without more commitment than you may be comfortable with at this time.  

We will read excerpts from the book and then discuss such questions as:

What do these concepts mean to you?

How can these be practically applied to create changes in your life?

What experiences have you had that might demonstrate the effectiveness of a particular practice.

How might you shift your perceptions or interpretations to transform your experience?

The book club will meet for four weeks consecutively and will run approximately 1.5 hours.  You will be given a conference number to call in and all sessions will be done by phone.  Therefore you can be anywhere you have phone service.  The time of the calls will be decided to best serve the group. If one particular group does not work for you, your name will be added to the waiting list and hopefully there will be a group that will better suit your needs.

The group will range from 8-10 individuals to allow enough time for everyone to share.

Please contact me at if you have any questions.  If you would like to have your name added to the list for the next upcoming group, I will let you know exactly when we will be starting.  When I have enough people to launch the next group, I will survey for best days and times.

I hope you will join me for this experience.  I promise you it will be rewarding.



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