Great Parents Empower Coaching


Master Great Parents Empower Certified Coach

Do you want your child to thrive? Do you want to be a great parent?

Do you feel frustrated about parenting?

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from your child?

Do you feel that you don’t spend enough quality time with your child?

Does your child not share enough information, feelings or thoughts with you?

Are you not always affectionate enough with your child?

Do you feel you are not the parent you would like to be?

Do you feel that parenting gives you more chaos than peace?

Do you feel that you don’t have enough tools to parent well?

Great Parents Empower Coaching will take the relationship that you have with your children right now — whatever that may be — to one that is nothing short of great!

Great Parents Empower Coaching is for you:

  • if you want to interact in loving and supportive ways even when the situation gets tough
  • if you want to feel proud of your behavior and your choices
  • if you want to have the ability to act well, even in the most difficult situations
  • if you want to be inspired by the level of communication and connection that you have with your child
  • if you want to have the freedom to love, develop and nurture yourself and pursue your dreams and desires — without feeling guilty

Choose to have to have the support you need! Sign up for this 6 week Great Parents Empower Coaching!

  • In 6 weeks you move to habits, choices, doings that fit you well.
  • Great Parents Empower Coaching will serve you no matter if your child is 3 years old or 41 years old.
  • Great Parents Empower Coaching will serve you no matter what your cultural background or religion is

What makes this programs so different from other parenting programs out there?

  • The premise of Great Parents Empower Coaching is that the most essential ingredient to having an extraordinary relationship with your children is to have an extraordinary relationship with yourself.
  • If we want our children to listen to us, to respect us, to pay attention to us and to treat us with love and affection, we must start to treat ourselves the right way.
  • Great Parents Empower Coaching makes your hopes and desires for the relationship with your children realistic.
  • Great Parents Empower Coaching guides you to become the kind of parent you have always wanted to be, that you have always believed you can be.

In these 6 weeks, you will discover a way of parenting that brings you more ease and joy!

Testimonial: “I am a 47 year old single mom raising a 13 and 15 year old girl and boy. I work full time and am dealing with their teenage challenges on a daily basis. I worked with Nancy over the course of 3 months and she was instrumental in getting me to a more peaceful place emotionally as well as a more nurturing and less antagonistic place with my kids. I would come home from work with such anxiety it was nearly unbearable. My coach was so helpful in guiding me with better ways to manage my stress with my kids and nurturing more of a loving, respectful relationship with my children….. A lot less nagging for sure. Thank you Nancy- you’re the best!!!” -Miami, Florida

Testimonial:Great Empowered Parents coaching helped me through the ending of my divorce. During the 7 week course, one hour a week, dedicated to “me” time help me learn how to be an extraordinary parent again. I was able to regain a new focus with my parenting skills for my sons, 10 and 7 years old.  Releasing guilt from my past, a marriage of 10 years ending and now a new beginning in co-parenting.  Nancy helped me stay focused in my new situation, teaching me how to stay in control of my time with my children and how to stay in control of myself.  The biggest lesson I gained was how to capture moments with my children and myself. Now, I am in more control of my time with my children’s growth and development. I am very thankful to have been coached by Nancy, the strength and wisdom I gained will be valued forever.” – Crystal Rich Phillips, 478-397-9349

Testimonial: “As a mother and grandmother Nancy Pickard brings decades of experience and insight to the World of parenting.  While as her son I may be biased in my thinking that “my mommy is the best”, I can also say objectively that I have witnessed her help and advice dozens if not more parents (both young and old, first timers and grandparents alike) in the nuances of managing a healthy parent-child relationship while allowing both the parent and the child to flourish as individuals as well.  She raised my brother and me to be independent, confident, and well-meaning in our relations with friends and strangers, and I have seen her coach many clients to the same place.  Her perspective is one of great experience—as a parent, as a youth educator, as a life coach, and now as a grandparent.  Her advice will empower you to bring yourself straight to the core of whatever issue is holding you back and you will know it is right based on the real-time improvements you will feel around your relationships with self and others.  Her simple and straightforward advice will allow you to create the space you need in your life to manage stress more easily and leave more time for the true meaning of life:  living.”  -Jared Pickard, Age 32, Proprietor at Be Here Farm & Nature Sanctuary

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