Which Coaching Package Is Right For You?

All sessions are one-hour and take place over the phone or on Skype (without the video) if you are outside the United States. Pickard_nancy-003

All coaching packages begin with a complimentary discovery session which is designed to give you an idea of the fundamental concepts behind coaching.  You will have an opportunity to hear about the fundamental core concepts of the work.   You will get to experience what a session is all about and how the session is set up.  This will give you a great understanding of the work before you commit to any paid sessions.

There is no set amount of sessions that work for everyone. Some clients choose to focus on one specific goal that can be accomplished in one package of sessions. Other goals take longer to accomplish. Most clients choose to continue in their coaching relationship for a longer period of time because they feel supported and see significant changes in their lives.

Packages are as follows:

First session is always free; regardless of package.

Breakthrough Shadow Process is ten sessions:  Goal oriented, coaching is designed to help you break through obstacles and reach your vision and goals.

Healing Your Heart is 13  sessions:  Whether you are looking to heal from the loss of a loved one or a past relationship, Healing Your Heart can truly help you recover from your past and improve your relationships.

Great Parent Empower is 6 sessions:  Empowering parents to discover their strengths and what they’re doing right, coaching can help you set boundaries and learn new skills with parenting.

Holistic Healthy Mind and Body is ten sessions:  Discover the balance between mind and body so you can live healthier.

I would be honored to help you breakthrough to a new level of personal or professional success. In the future, you will look back on this decision as one of the most rewarding decisions you have ever made.

What if today was your day to change your life?

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