Why Coach with Me?


As with most qualified coaches, I was first a client.  That is why I believe so strongly in this work. It took time, hard work and patience.

It took staying in the pain and welcoming and learning from the lessons. I chose Debbie Ford’s work because it resonated with me at a deep level.  I knew I wanted to make changes in my life and the idea of uncovering aspects of myself that I previously couldn’t see felt transformational.

I wanted to feel more joy and happiness and gratitude. Now, I am living the life I want and I am happier and more content than I have ever been.  Changing my thoughts and my shadow beliefs has freed me in a way that nothing else ever has.

I worked through many issues and learned so much about those beliefs and commitments I had buried from my childhood. It was like pealing away at an onion; layer-by-layer my life and my light unfolded. Week after week, making actions steps in alignment with my vision for my life, felt supported and important.  Having a coach hold me accountable while supporting me, kept me accountable.

I healed from my losses and slowly recovered my joie de vivre.  I found inner peace and self-love and created the life and career that I had envisioned, by stepping in to new levels of responsibility in every area of my life.

My relationship with my children improved and I stopped being reactive. I learned to let go of judgment and learned to live in the moment. I found the strength to follow my dream. I learned to love all aspects of my personality, the dark and the light.  This enabled me to stop attracting the wrong people into my life. 

I learned to have a fulfilling life that left me balanced and in love with myself.  I learned to trust in the abundance of the Universe and to believe that I am exactly where I should be for the evolution of my soul.

I know that everything I envision will come in to my life at exactly the right time.  I became, and continue to become, so much more the woman I aspire to be.

I coach this work because I am so excited about these deep and lasting changes.  I feel I have an amazing secret that I want to share with the world.

I am an empathetic, caring woman who will support you in your efforts to discover all aspects of your self.  I will hold you compassionately accountable as you bust through your excuses and rationalizations that have been holding you back.  Fear keeps you stuck; I will help you find your way.  I believe totally in this process and I believe in you.


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